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September 7, 2018

Website Design and Branding Strategies to Help Business Growth

Branding Trends

In today’s competitive digital age, branding trends are constantly changing and demand a strategy that keeps focussing on all the changing variables to run a successful business. The digital world is the best way to analyze the consumer behavior pattern and through a website design, you can track how many visitors visited the site and for how long, and the content they engaged with. This way businesses can identify where they are lacking and upgrade their content accordingly. It is better to understand and implement marketing strategies beforehand to help grow your business online efficiently and quickly.

Mobile Responsive

According to research, by 2021 mobile e-commerce will account for 54 percent of all online sales. It is necessary for an online business to start investing in a website design that is mobile responsive. The web design should have intuitive navigation, simple checkout, and be responsive to all screen sizes to create a trustworthy user experience.


The layout of the website is another important aspect to consider while designing. The unattractive layout of the website will push users away. There is a lot of potential customers searching for products and services online and business cannot afford to lose them just because their website layout isn’t attractive enough. Investment in a web design that targets the customer’s journey ensures longer engagement of the customer on the site which eventually translates to convertible clients. It should be an utmost priority of the online business to optimize their website design aspects such as image size and loading time in order to create an enjoyable online experience.

Brand Identity

Another aspect of an attractive web design is color. Brand identity is created using many marketing aspects and color theme is the most important one. It improves brand recognition by up to 80 percent and helps users to remember your brand and expedite positive association with them. All this can be achieved by signature color for the brand. Devising a logo that has a cohesive color palette across all marketing material and digital forums help users remember it for a longer period of time. Also, color has a powerful sense of emotion so it is important that you pick the right colors as it defines what your consumers will experience.


Branding is a vast area and it’s definitely more than a logo design. Everything you post on social media channels, website design, packaging of your products, color theme and overall aesthetic communicate a message that defines your brand identity and core values of the organization to the outer world.

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