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November 15, 2018

Google’s Algorithm Change Is Aimed towards Medical and Health Websites

Every year, Google makes it a point to change its search algorithm. Although most changes are minor and trivial in nature, there are times when Google makes a major update in their algorithm such as Google Penguin and Google Panda. When major updates are made in the algorithm, the search results are greatly affected in significant ways.

From August 1, Google updated its search algorithm that left the SEO industry in a state of confusion. Even a minor change has a drastic impact on the SEO industry, whose world revolves around following Google’s algorithm to the dot.

In short, Google is referring this as a global, broad, and core update. However, based on the analysis made so far, it seems that Your Money Your Life, medical, and health websites are majorly  impacted by the Google update. But then again, many other websites were also affected by the update since it also implies to every type and niche website.

Google’s Advice To All Those Who Have Been Affected By The Change In Algorithm

According to Google, all those websites that are affected by their change in algorithm can do nothing to fix their website and bring it back to its original ranking. The best advice Google can give to them is to focus on making their website more useful, deliver better content, and concentrate on enhancing the user experience.

Google has named this update the Medic Update due to their attention on the health and medical sector. However, Google has not confirm this specific focus.

According to Google, this update can be considered as a “broad core algorithm update”, which they do so “several times per year.”



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