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August 17, 2018

Common Mistakes to Avoid in a Logo Design

A logo design is the identity of a company and it should be designed in accordance with the industry a company operates in and must reflect the company’s ideology. A logo is a pictorial representation of the organization and it should portray the true essence of the product or service the organization provides.

It is noteworthy that how amazing your services are, or how unique your products are if your logo isn’t eye-catching or has a poor design then all your efforts may go in vain. A logo design is the pillar of the brand’s identity and all other branding strategies follow the color scheme and design for promotional activities.

Designing a logo is a challenging task and it requires a lot of expertise for designing a logo and quite a few times even the best designers make mistakes in the design process and we have revealed few common mistakes that logo designers make.

Try Not To Rely Too Much On Trends

An impressive logo design is timeless and never loses its uniqueness over time. Most of the times designers make the mistake of following the latest logo designing trends which change so rapidly that it harms the organization overall perception.

A company’s logo has to be ever-lasting, exceptional and striking.

Bad Color Selection

Color selection is the most important part while logo designing and designers often make the mistake of selecting the wrong colors that do not go well with the brand image. An experienced designer would always select a color theme that resonates with the personality and core message of the brand.

Use of Raster Images

This is considered one of the biggest mistakes of all. The problem with using raster image is that once their size is finalized they cannot be scaled to any other size and they are made of pixels and scaling to variant sizes affects the quality of the image. A well-designed logo is designed in vector graphics using Illustrator and Adobe and it can be scaled to any size without compromising its quality.

Avoid Complex Designs

An impressive logo is simple yet effective. A logo fails if it is difficult to understand and impossible to remember. Too many colors and icons complicate a logo design and may distort the brand image.


A logo has to be unique for every brand. Logo designers should know that if a logo design is plagiarized it can result in legal action against the business and you have to pay a hefty amount as fine. Stealing an existing design negatively affect the brand identity.

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